Tipoli App

When I first saw Tipoli I thought to myself: This must be a game targeted for a younger audience. It has a quirky love story, little smiley face characters, and heart-shaped goals that you must reach in order to complete levels. BUT with all that aside, after about one minute into the game I realized that while it does cater to a younger generation with the overall theme , Tipoli by Divide by Zero Games, is actually quite challenging and very addicting. Tipoli had me (a 30 year-old man b.t.w.) deeply engaged within the gameplay.  This is a very unique app that is sure to entertain people of all ages, and it does so with a great variety of levels and the most simplistic user controls.


Two ball characters are tethered to each other (Periwinkle & Mint). One ball is sticky while the other is bouncy. The game is very easy to learn and the controls are simple as it gets: just tap the screen to toggle back and forth between your two characters. Tapping the screen will swap the characters position, which leads to the natural physics of walking or traveling along through the levels. Alternating between bouncing off something or sticking to something is the whole concept. As you get the hang of toggling back and forth, you must navigate your characters to the heart goal at the end.

The great thing about this game is the physics behind the character movement, along with the wonderful variety of levels. Each level design is well executed and challenges your problem-solving skills. Additional obstacles like moving circles and blue walls that you cant stick to enhance the overall gameplay. Level selection menu’s allow you to pick any level you like, instead of moving in a linear fashion. Once a level is finished a heart appears over the level to indicate completion. There are ten levels per stage, five stages and a special stage. As you move along in the game you can collect smaller hearts within the levels that unlock challenge levels. The hand-drawn graphics are original and the music adds charm, lending to its overall polished appeal. The little book icon on the main menu screen takes you to what appears to be an online user network group where you can share your thoughts about the game, get latest news feeds and leave feedback. At times that page didn’t want to load, though it may have just been a network connection issue.


Tipoli will get you hooked, no doubt about it. This one-button physics platformer will have you going back for more and more. The challenging and diverse level design, vibrant hand has drawn visuals, and cute love story all make this game a sure pick. Especially considering the .99 cent price-point.

Author: Jenny Doe