Maat App

Maat is another spin-off of the timeless Chinese puzzle game, “Tangram.” With a new twist on visuals and some special additional features, Maat is sure to be appealing if you are a fan of puzzle play.  There are currently quite a few Tangram puzzle games in the app store, so let’s find some of the unique features that make Maat a worthy choice.

Maat comes with two distinct game modes: Puzzle Game Mode and Relics Dig Mode. In Puzzle Game Mode you are basically playing by the original rules of Tangram. You start off with an empty shape and a bunch of random puzzle pieces. Select a piece from up top and place it into the shape, fit the pieces together until the puzzle is completed. Do this fast enough and earn one of three sacred awards. A timer has been included so after a level has been conquered, you can go back and replay that level in hopes to get a better time. Your best score is shown under the icon on the menu screen.

In Relics Dig Mode, your goal is to select specific relics hidden in a sea of similar looking items. The game is deceptive due to the sheer amount of relics you must scan through. This game will randomly select three relics and each relic needs to be found three separate times before winning. You are also under the clock in this challenge so move as fast as possible!

Key App Features:

  • Collect precious scarab awards
  • Amazing graphics you just won’t see in any other Tangram game on iTunes
  • Two difficulty levels
  • Three award types
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Visual hint system
  • Solve puzzles in any order
  • Puzzles save automatically so you can easily pick up where you left off
  • View your collected awards and keep track of your progress
  • Professional sound effects and absorbing music immerse you in the game

The entire graphic theme of Maat consists of Egyptian icons and artifacts, from the desert game board to the ancient Egyptian statues and relics. This creates an inviting overall environment in which to play the classic Tangram. The controls are very simple to figure out, though they felt a tad sluggish and cumbersome at times when trying to place the pieces. All the pieces are found up at the top. Slide from left to right until you’ve found your piece, then drag it down and place it into the shape (game board). The piece will lock into place once positioned correctly. Maat comes with 12 puzzles total: 6 easy and 6 hard. This is a decent amount of puzzles, though once you have gotten through all 12, the game has little value after that point unless you challenge yourself to top a previously timed score. It would be nice if the developers included additional puzzles down the road.

The iTunes App Store has become over-flooded with different versions of basically the same app, so competition is higher than ever. With a game like Tangram, we’ve all seen it before so when you release an app in a popular genre like this, it’s important to go above and beyond if you want to stick out from the crowd. Maat provided a fresh Egyptian theme, a bonus game (Relics Dig Mode), and award trophies. Obviously, if you enjoy the game of Tangram, than you should give this one a try.  At the current price point of $1.99, the game delivers on providing a decent number of levels, however, it’d definitely be sweeter if it had more.  According to Survivorsoft, the app’s developer, there are eight new Christmas themed levels and a lite version of the app currently under review in the App Store, so those extra levels we were craving should hear real soon!

Author: Jenny Doe