Google I/O 2018: artificial intelligence, Android P, unmanned vehicles and many more

Google I/O 2018: artificial intelligence, Android P, unmanned vehicles and many more

Yesterday evening was the opening of the Google I/O 2018 – the annual developer’s conference, where Google share their achievements and successes, and tells us, what can we expect in the near future. Well, let’s see what new products have in store for us company from mountain view.

Google I/O 2018 by tradition was opened by the CEO of the company Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai). He remembered about a small problem with smiles, which caused a heated debate on the Internet and also spoke about the latest achievements in the field of development of artificial intelligence that can be used in all new and new spheres. For example, AI can be useful in medicine, predicting the possibility of the emergence of certain symptoms in a person. Also, the latest designs help people with additional needs (for example, Gboard now supports Morse code, which can help people to communicate).

Additionally, the Google CEO mentioned the recent redesign of Gmail, announced the new feature Smart Compose this month (the function can finish for you some suggestions when preparing a letter based on its context).

There will also be a new feature Suggested Actions in Google Photos. For example, when you’re flipping through photos from the previous parties, the AI will notice that several images are your friend and will offer you to share her photos with one click. Also, the AI will offer to improve the individual photos to make the old black-and-white photo or color photo convert any document to pdf.

For proper operation of the new functions, AI was developed by a new generation of TPU (tensor processors Google) version 3.0, which boasts increased performance over the previous generation.

Google Assistant will have six new voices of voice acting, including the voice of the famous American artist John legend (John Legend). This is how Google wants the user to be able to choose the voice with the accent and the pronunciation that it is most comfortable for perception and understanding.

In addition, the virtual assistant will get soon new opportunities. One of them Continued the Conversation. With its help the user will not need every time to say “Hey Google” while chatting with the assistant. It looks as follows: your first sentence should contain the appeal of “Hey Google”, which activates the helper. Along with it you ask a question, for example “as played Milan last week?”. Google Assistant is responsible, then you can immediately ask “when’s the next game?” and ask them to remind you of it at home, while in the second case, to say “Hey Google” is not required. A convenient feature that will save time if you need to ask a few questions or tasks assistant.

Another new feature, which has caused increased excitement – Google Duplex. With its help, you can ask Google Assistant to call and reserve a table at the restaurant on Friday night or to make an appointment to the hairdresser. Assistant he makes a call, communicates with the person and then inform you about the result. Thanks to machine learning, Google Assistant is quite a natural conversation, and almost impossible to understand who is calling, the man or the robot. New feature looks impressive. It can get virtual assistants to a qualitatively new level because in this way we will be able to delegate to the assistant the routine work that will save us time.

During the presentation of the new features of Google Assistant also told about the imminent appearance in the sale of smart displays, on display at CES 2018. To be more precise, they will appear on store shelves in July of this year.

Rethinking got a   application, Google News. The changes aim to let the user get the right content in the most convenient and understandable form.

One of the most anticipated announcements of the first day of Google I/O 2018 is the new version of Android P. It should be even smarter, simpler and more convenient, and will also focus on “digital prosperity”. In Android, P was a redesigned navigation interface. Now, instead of the usual three buttons at the bottom of the screen, there will be only one (by pressing “Back” will appear in the application). It supports gestures, which can open recent apps or menu.

In the applications menu, you can use profiles (Personal/Work) with particular sorting applications. And on-screen multi-tasking will appear in the search string and the list of proposed system applications.

In Android P once again redesigned notification tray. She received redesign and new features notification.

During the event, focused on the Android Dashboard panel that displays the data about how much time the user spends in a particular application. It can help to control your habits (or their children, because it also has built-in parental control), setting application-specific allowable time of usage per day.

Updated Android in P mode and “do Not disturb”. Now during its activation notice will not even be displayed on the smartphone screen. In the settings, you can select certain contacts, which allowed to obtain messages or calls. Another innovation is a function of Shush, which automatically shifts the phone mode to “do Not disturb” if you received a notification, and you turned the gadget display down.

Wind Down – a feature that in the night time will make your smartphone’s screen black-and-white, as if alluding to the fact that it is time to go to bed.

The new version of Android, as usual, optimized battery consumption. Adaptive Battery will monitor which apps you use most often. They will have priority in a background job. At the same time, those programs which are rarely used, will be closed in the background and cease thus to consume energy. This will allow you to save up to 30% battery.

Adaptive Brightness – a more advanced version of the conventional automatic gain control the brightness of the screen. It will use machine learning to adjust the brightness for a specific user taking into account his preferences.

Also worth noting is new in App Actions and Slices. The first will allow integrating applications at the interface of the operating system (for example, in the applications menu will appear with suggestions to call the selected contact or listen to a favorite playlist when headphones are connected). Slices add the ability to interact with applications directly from Google search. For example, writing “Lyft”, you will be able not only to run the application, and immediately order the car to your home or work address.

Download the beta version of the Android P here. I note that the Project Treble, now the list of available devices has expanded. In addition to smartphones Pixel first and second generation, Android P Beta can be installed on devices from Sony, Vivo, Essential, Nokia and other manufacturers.

Read more about all the innovations Android P Beta you will be able to see new videos on our channel.

In addition, during the Google I/O in 2018 the audience was shown new features that will be available in Google Maps. Soon will appear in the application tab For You where you will offer options of different venues based on your preferences. When planning your trip you will be able to select multiple institutions to share the list with friends and all together to vote for the most interesting option.

Improvements have also received technology Google Lens. Of the new features, it is worth noting Walking Navigation – navigation in real time. You only have to turn on the camera, and the screen will display tips on where to go and what kind of cafe or another establishment in your way. It all looks very impressive, after all, so much easier and faster to navigate in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, Google Lens will receive and other functions, for example, Smart Selection. With its help, it will be possible to allocate the necessary text on photo and copy it directly to your smartphone. Moreover, it was announced the advent of Google Lens right in the Camera Pixel on smartphones, as well as several devices from other manufacturers. The update should come next week.

At the end of the event on stage was also made by the representatives of the company Waymo, which reported on the achievements in the field of unmanned vehicles. The company is already a long time to test their vehicles on public roads and have made significant progress in the development of technology. Plans Waymo the creation of an application that will allow you to order unmanned vehicles to explore the city.

This is the opening Google I/O this year. What presents you most impressed with? What name will get Android P? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Author: Jenny Doe