Download camera for Android for free: funny, fun, with lots of effects

Now it is not easy to give a particular photo a certain filter or effect. But sometimes I do not want to spend the extra time, and to apply the filter directly during shooting. For this purpose, special application, which we now discuss.

In recent years, we still rarely published in social networks of conventional photography. More often we give them those or other effects. Usually, these actions are performed through some photo editor. But actually much easier to download a camera with effects for Android. Especially if you shoot only through a smartphone. So you will save a lot of time, as the filters will be applied directly during shooting. Below we look at five of the best applications of its kind.

Face Swap

This app was created strictly for selfie lovers. Through this program, you can apply to your face a variety of effects. The most common special effect known to all as the ears of dogs with a very long tongue. But the list of available symbols is not limited to this embodiment. In Face Swap are part of the goals and other animals — for example, raccoons and cats. Also with the help of this app, you can put on a full face mask, thanks to which nobody knows.

Why do you need to use Face Swap? After all, it would seem easier to put the dog’s ears in the photo editor — where you can do it much better. However, the essence of the program in the video. Those ears are severely on the head, in whatever part of the frame that was not. Moreover, ears, nose, language, mustache — everything is animated, will live even stronger.

By the way, Face Swap contains a built-in photo editor. In this section are available all the filters, stickers, frames and other elements, capable to decorate any image.

Distributed free app, but some of the stickers and effects available for the money.


  • Free distribution;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • A rich number of effects to video;
  • Built-in photo editor with stickers and other bonuses.


  • Some effects apply for the money;
  • There is advertising.

Rating: 6/10

Cartoon Camera

This app is struggling to turn our lives into a cartoon. The developers managed to give his creation an extraordinary opportunity. The utility turns the frame into a hand-drawn image. And this is done in real time!

As expected, this is a camera with many effects for Android. Some do not allow to distinguish the true figure. Others have not the largest processing — it seems that the artist painted directly over the photo. In short, you can choose the effect for any inquiries. The application is free, which can not but rejoice.

Like other programs of this kind, Cartoon Camera allows you to work on the already finished photos. Also available here send the result to social networks or sending via e-mail.


  • Unique hand-drawn effects;
  • Stable operation on most devices;
  • Distributed free of charge;
  • The ability to add a framework;
  • High-performance application;
  • The presence of Sepia and other standard effects.


  • At some point, get bored;
  • The lack of serious editing capabilities.

Rating: 7/10

Ultimate HDR Camera

Now the possibility of shooting in HDR is endowed with any pre-installed Camera app. However, to pursue the case the device is in automatic mode that does not suit all users. Some people would like to adjust the application of HDR-effect, luminance level, color saturation and other parameters. This is the Ultimate app HDR Camera.

This program is capable of HDR mode all the beauty of available built-in smartphone camera. The application can run in automatic mode, on my own doing a couple of shots with varying exposure, then stitching them into one image. But most of all, the tool will appeal to those who prefer to keep the photography process under full control. In manual mode has four kinds of settings. Using the appropriate sliders, the user can choose specific exposure settings, and change the level of shadows. The result is no worse than what can be achieved during continuous image processing in Adobe Photoshop!

To work in the app as an advanced photographer or a beginner. The interface used here is simplified. The utility is distributed for free, developers earn through ads.


  • Easy to use;
  • Fast work;
  • Distributed free of charge;
  • Available maximum number of HDR settings.
  • The high quality of the final result.


  • Shoots only with an aspect ratio of 4:3;
  • The weight of the photos is too large;
  • Advertising can be annoying.

Rating: 8/10

Camera Fun Pro

There is no doubt that you have heard about the possibility of change in the face through the use of the smartphone. This is done with appropriate applications. One of them is Camera Fun Pro.

This program allows you to mock and on landscapes, but primarily it’s all the same camera, changing the face of the person. She does this, as you can guess, in real-time. There are several art filters. But the greatest emphasis is on the section with special effects. For example, the utility is able to contort your head to an unrecognizable state. Each effect is marked by the corresponding lens (the lens). A little regret only about the lack of localization, for which the memorization of names of effects can cause some problems.

The application is distributed on a paid basis. But asking for it literally pennies (as of may 2016 — 30 rubles), so to pay the required amount of work will not make. There is a free version of Camera Fun, but to consider it not worth it, because it is limited in the number of filters and upsets the presence of advertising. It is a pity that even the paid version of the program is able to get bored rather quickly. The reason for this is that the number of effects and filters there is still not the maximum. And to hope for the emergence of new effects are not worth it — the developers had long ago ceased to update his creation.


  • Large number of funny effects;
  • The presence of Sepia and other standard filters;
  • Very simple, though not localized interface;
  • Good performance;
  • Works even on older and budget phones.


  • Apply for the money;
  • The number of effects and filters could be more.

Rating: 9/10

PIP Camera

Latest camera effects for Android in our today’s collection. Although such a word is this application call is not necessary. Yes, it allows you to engage in photography. But the real-time effects here do not overlap. They are supplied with only the finished image. Therefore, PIP Camera is more of a graphics editor, though highly lightweight. But does not mention it, we could not.

With this program create very funny jokes. In fact, the utility is engaged in image blur. At the same time, a duplicate is created that fits in any subject — for example, in a crystal pendant or hourglass. There is also another mode in which the light is born funny collages. In particular, your face can get on the cover of the magazine.

In short, PIP Camera is a neat app that should try each holder of a smartphone with a good built-in camera.


  • Unique effects;
  • The room photos on the cover of the magazine;
  • Good editing;
  • Creating collages;
  • The presence of Sepia and other standard filters;
  • Distributed free of charge.


  • Does not display the effects while you are shooting.

Rating: 9/10

Summing up

If you want to forget about the standard pictures, make sure you download at least one of the proposed tools. What? It all depends on whether you want to see a particular effect during framing. If not, then your choice is PIP Camera. If you want, then consider the other four options. Two of them (Cartoon Camera and Paper Camera) created from photos of real drawing. It should be noted that the second application does its job better, but it asks for money.

If you want to have fun, then your service Camera Fun Pro is actually an analog of a curved mirror. But Camera HDR Studio is the least interesting program. It creates the HDR image, to which the already capable standard application “Camera” in the vast majority of modern smartphones.

Author: Jenny Doe