Best apps for augmented reality

What is augmented reality, and which apps are the most popular? These questions will be answered by this compilation.

In 2018 with the advent of mobile processors next generation, including subsystems of machine learning, a new quality has gained augmented reality (AR). Prospects of development of the technology is that the need in such applications for smartphones is growing. It is not only games but also a lot of useful and practical programs-assistants for everyday life.

Current growth forecasts of the augmented reality market is estimated at $100 billion by 2020. And this is a pessimistic calculation, the figure is actually expected much more.

Many have long used AR and some only heard but didn’t have time to download the app to your smartphone and try. Before to share with you the most interesting programs, let’s understand what it is and what benefits it can bring?

What is augmented reality and how is it used?

The concept of AR decrypts itself, that is the reality around us is complemented by virtual objects through the screen of your smartphone or tablet with the camera and other sensors these devices.

Today, technology is used not only for entertainment purposes but is used in medicine, design and the latter gaining popularity in the advertising business. For example, in Japan already has interactive screens with cameras coming up to which you can estimate by yourself particular style of clothing.

Today, without leaving the house to pick up a new couch for the living room using an augmented reality app. In this case to try it and see how it will look exactly in your interior.

Also, AR is applied widely for educational purposes. It’s not just books where the illustrations are complemented by virtual objects through the screen of a smartphone, but entire encyclopedias, maps, translators, and even the names of the constellations in the sky in real time.

Augmented reality glasses

In addition to the smartphone screen to expand the reality can augmented reality glasses. But while these devices are quite expensive and are used more for professional purposes. The most notable example is Google Glass, but for the mass market, these techno-glasses did not get popularity due to the high price of $1500. Times are changing and now there are more affordable models.

Some of the most interesting instances we will illustrate below:

Google Glass — $1500

Epson Moverio BT-300 — $700

Intel Vaunt — in development. Image projection on the retina laser.

Sport led glasses Garmin Varia Vision — $400

Vuzix Blade is available for pre-order with a Deposit of $300.

The market of augmented reality glasses begins to revive, and as you can see, there are already some very interesting models that do not differ from normal everyday glasses. Not far off is the emergence of models available from Chinese manufacturers.

Best augmented reality app

Google Translator

Many people use Google translator, but few use the instant translation through the camera of your smartphone. A very useful feature that allows you to translate any labels in real time. That is, point the camera at the unfamiliar text, you can immediately see the value to your desired language.


  • Free
  • Translates text from any language
  • Works in offline mode

Find my car

A very handy AR application for the search of his car. Useful in a strange city, easily and quickly will help to find abandoned in the Parking lot of cars. The map will pave the optimal path, which will help to quickly get to the Parking lot.


  • Free
  • Shows direction where to go
  • Map

The program will allow using camera to scan any object and create its 3D model. A very interesting application for creativity, there are several modes for scanning people, food or animals. The saved result can be printed on a 3D printer or share with friends in social networks.


  • Free
  • Integration of third-party 3D modeling apps
  • Learns, over time, the scans are getting better

Office Lens

One of the best applications of its kind. Is a handheld scanner that preserves any information with photos in popular formats. Automatically crop photos of documents, receipts, boards-announcements and edit the information in PDF, Word or PowerPoint. Can also save files in OneNote and OneDrive.


  • Free
  • Best replacement for the scanner
  • Work with file storage on OneDrive
  • No ads

AR effect

Entertainment application that adds a photo or video to various 3D objects. It is possible to place virtual characters and even create animated scenes. Many ready-made themes that allow you to add roaring dinosaurs, to release fairies to walk around the Desk or put on masks to your friends.


  • Free
  • Regular update
  • Create their own augmented reality scenes
  • Good mood guaranteed


The application can be called a personal zoo in your pocket. Augment your reality virtual animals and learn many interesting things about them. Suitable as training for children and like adults. Uses complex algorithms, so the animals get very realistic. You can even take a picture of the animal with your child and share the photo.


  • Free
  • A lot of animals
  • Reelectionist
  • Additional filters such as rain and stuff
  • The education of children

IKEA catalog

One of the functions of this catalog of the famous IKEA furniture is “fitting” of the furniture under your interior. Start the 3D function, choose the sofa or something, set in his room, and find out the ideal thing or not. The app is regularly updated with new products and enjoys a certain popularity with fans of this producer.


  • Free
  • A large directory of interesting
  • 3D function

Sun Locator Lite

A very useful application of augmented reality to determine the position of the sun in your area at any time. Ideal for photographers, to know in advance the best views. Will show not only a lot of useful information but will demonstrate the sun’s movement in the AR mode or the card. Also useful for those who want to set up solar panels for maximum efficiency.


  • Free
  • Essential photographers, tourists, customize solar panels
  • Support GPS
  • Determination of the position of the sun and moon at any time and any place


In this program the augmented reality technology allows you to visualize virtual objects in real space. Thus, you can create interesting promotional prints and much more. Thus, this AR can be used to grow your business. For example, to demonstrate the customer perspective of a product, which at the moment were here right now, but there is a virtual model.


  • Free
  • Planning the interior of the room or even plot
  • Requires not a weak smartphone


A great augmented reality app that will help you practice drawing. The user looks at the screen of the smartphone, which shows the picture and guides the contours on paper. Will appeal to budding artists and children. Follow the recommendations of the developer to configure the program to work correctly.


  • Free
  • Learning to draw


Before making a tattoo, a good idea to first beforehand to see how it will look on your arm, leg or another part of the body. This will help the application that imposes patterns on the body with the help of AR. Can be used as a prank to friends by sending them a photo with the new ink.


  • Free
  • “Fitting” the tattoo, if in doubt to do it or not
  • Easy to control
  • A photo of the result

Star Walk 2 Free

The best guide to the constellations and astronomy in Play Market. There is AR mode, just point the smartphone camera or the sky and the program will immediately show you the current map of star systems. In addition, it is an excellent training for children, which is presented in detail and describes each planet in the solar system and provides a lot of additional information.


  • Free
  • Modes “time machine” and “night”
  • View of the sky in real time
  • Extensive Atlas of astronomy

Requires accurate calibration of the sensors of the smartphone that the application worked correctly as possible


Interesting augmented reality app, which works on the principle of pattern recognition. Point the camera at any object: human, equipment, groceries and more, activate a job search images and get interesting results. The algorithm is self-learning and over time, the program works better.


  • Free
  • “Lipite” all around and learn a lot
  • Intuitive controls

Discover Moscow

Going to visit the capital of Russia, immediately download this application. This is the best guide in the city, created with the support of city hall. Here are all the facts, historical reference and are marked on the map interesting places. When using AR in a certain place of the city is complemented by the reality of historical characters and other 3D objects.


  • Free
  • A fascinating description of the sights of Moscow
  • Audio tours
  • Biographies of famous personalities of the town
  • Maps, navigation
  • Public services, transport, Parking and much more


All the augmented reality app up-to-date in 2018 and regularly updated. We tried to choose the most interesting among them. When you install each of these programs do not rush to remove them if the functionality is not clear or having difficulty in navigation. Sometimes it is enough to turn off the gyro or to calibrate the compass and other sensors to obtain correct operation.

Author: Jenny Doe